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45 Beautiful Rainbow Background Examples

The nature has been providing people with lots of surprises, leaving us in a never ending admiration of its beauty. One of its wonders is the rainbow, wherein its smooth blend of colors presents a beauty to regard. A rainbow is a meteorological occurrence due to light’s reflection in water droplets found in the earth’s atmosphere, which results in a light spectrum that appear in the sky. It often appears directly opposite of the sun. Once it appears in the skies, we are amazed by the beauty it transcends in the atmosphere.

Every individual would wish that the rainbow afar will last forever. However, it starts to fade away within a few minutes until it disappears completely. Fortunately, people can now enjoy the beauty of the rainbow sitting on your laptops and desktops. Moreover, creative artists could take an inspiration to produce rainbow background designs that others will surely enjoy. Below are some examples of a rainbow background that can be used as great wallpaper backgrounds.

Rainbow Concepts III – MORE INFO

Rainbow Concepts III

Aside from the rainbow as its main theme, it consists other supporting elements that would complement the beauty of the rainbow in a vector type of art. This could be a great rainbow background wallpaper.

Rainbow Concepts IV – MORE INFO

Rainbow Concepts IV

Set in a vector theme, a big rainbow occupies more than a half of the image, along with the stars and clouds on tranquil skies. The colors perfectly blend with each other, making it among good rainbow backgrounds for a wallpaper.

Rainbow Rain – MORE INFO

Rainbow Rain

Basically, a rainbow appears after rain. However, the concept of the image uses a rainbow as its background image for raindrops settle in the mirror. This can be a great optical illusion if the image is used as a desktop wallpaper.

Rainbow Wave Length – MORE INFO

Rainbow Wave Length

This elegant-looking wallpaper centers on a rainbow creating wavelengths beyond space. Although the rainbow is reserved and less focused on the image, it harmonizes the wavelengths it provides on the image.

Abstract Rainbow Flow Background – MORE INFO

Abstract Rainbow Flow Background

This great-looking rainbow background is set in an abstract form. The image is set in high resolution, which makes a perfect background for desktop and laptop wallpapers. Its rainbow represents different shades of color.

Rainbow Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper is a simple image composed of colorful tubes and balls in a white background. Tubes are arranged according to its brightness, as well as the balls that matched its color.

Rainbow = Hanging Star BG – MORE INFO

Rainbow = Hanging Star BG

This vibrant image is made out of stunning rainbow background along with white hanging stars and sparkling effects. Although the wallpaper is quite feminism in nature, it can still be a great rainbow backround as desktop wallpapers.

Rainbow Sparkle Star Background – MORE INFO

Rainbow Sparkle Star Background

This rainbow background image contains additional elements of sparkling effects, stars, and bubbles, which adds to the vibrant look of the photo. This can be a great wallpaper for laptops and desktops.

Rainbow Flower – MORE INFO

Rainbow Flower

A flower-looking effects with the use of vibrant colors of the rainbow set an elegant feel on the image. Also, the dark background adds emphasis on the concept of the image.

Trippy – MORE INFO


This is a visually-stunning image can be a nice rainbow background as wallpaper, which presents all of the colors of the spectrum. It is added with a special effect wherein colors are set into infinite shrinking.

Colorful Desktop Candy – MORE INFO

Colorful Desktop Candy

Different shades of lively colors are used in coming up with this great image. Added with shadow effects on the colors, it can be a great rainbow colors background as a desktop wallpaper.

Rainbow Phoenix – MORE INFO

Rainbow Phoenix

Who would have thought that a phoenix can have a rainbow color on its feathers? This simple image of phoenix is enhanced with different vibrant colors, which is more emphasized with its white background.

To Be Free Wallpaper – MORE INFO

To Be Free Wallpaper

This is one unique wallpaper rainbow background, featuring different bright colors of feathers arranged based on its shade. Moreover, the vector elements enhance the overall look of the picture.

Rainbow Licks WP – MORE INFO

Rainbow Licks WP

This one-of-a-kind artwork features different shades of color arranged in a unique way. This abstract form of rainbows backgrounds can be a great desktop and laptop wallpaper background for computer users.

Rainbowfest – MORE INFO


This typical image of a rainbow contains the basic color shades in different wave shapes. Each color complements other shades with its bright appearance, making it as a great wallpaper background.

Colors of the Rainbow – MORE INFO

Colors of the Rainbow

This abstract image utilizes various shades of color, which makes it visually striking to set as a desktop and laptop wallpaper. This image is available in 1650 x 1050 resolution.

Rainbow Bolt Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Rainbow Bolt Wallpaper

Rainbow Bolt Wallpaper features flat and round strips of different vibrant colors. The elements embedded in the image increase its potential as a great wallpaper screen in a modern and stylish way.

The Wack Twister – MORE INFO

The Wack Twister

This random image presents a cool combination of different colors following a same direction. Although it is not quite organized based on the brightness of shade, it can still be a great image for a wallpaper background.

Wallpaper Colorful – MORE INFO

Wallpaper Colorful

This image presents different colors set in a darker shade. Its focus seems to set in the center of the picture. Nevertheless, it can still be a classy image that is perfect for desktop background wallpaper.

Colorful World 01 – MORE INFO

Colorful World 01

Customization of different shades presented in a transition of light is seen in this high quality image. This elegant-feel picture can be a great background wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Spectrum – MORE INFO


Another abstract image showing a rainbow in a different light can be used as a good desktop wallpaper. It features transition of light across the vibrant colors, placing the focus at the center of the image.

Radial Rainbow – MORE INFO

Radial Rainbow

Colors are played beautifully in this image. The shades are arranged in a radial way, giving a vibrant feeling to those who will view the image. It comes in 1600 x 1200 and 1600 x 9000 resolutions.

Accidents Happen 2 – MORE INFO

Accidents Happen 2

From the title itself, the creation of this wallpaper is made by accident on Photoshop. Although it is quite eye catchy to viewers, it lacks some of the shades that will certainly make this rainbow image a complete one.

Rainbow on an Evening Shower – MORE INFO

Rainbow on an Evening Shower

This type of abstract image features various shades of vibrant colors following the direction of a shower (which is in a diagonal position). This picture can be a nice background rainbow wallpaper.

Rainbow – MORE INFO


Another rainbow image with great customization set in a simple abstract form can be utilized as a desktop or laptop wallpaper. Originally set as a color spectrum, it is laid out in a flat form for it to become a nice wallpaper image.



This unique rainbow background wallpaper features different shades of bright colors set in a razor and arrow shapes. Also, these shapes are emphasized with dark background. It is available for download in various resolutions.

Rainbow Ocean – MORE INFO

Rainbow Ocean

This image features different vibrant colors going in different directions. The image looks like an ocean of colors running on different current. This is a perfect wallpaper background for those who are fond of unique abstracts.

Rainbow Concepts II – MORE INFO

Rainbow Concepts II

Another vector-inspired rainbow picture that features the typical rainbow along with other enticing shape elements like hearts and stars, as well as doodling images at the side of the rainbow.

Double Rainbow Fantasy – MORE INFO

Double Rainbow Fantasy

Double Rainbow Fantasy includes two great rainbows on a clear, bright sky from the upward view of a rainforest. This high resolution image can be a good background wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Rainbow Sky Over Lovers – MORE INFO

Rainbow Sky Over Lovers

This breathtaking image features two lovers under a vibrant colorful night sky. The sky features different different shades of color, which is more emphasized with the dark background. It is certainly a great background image for desktops and laptops.

Rainbow Sunset – MORE INFO

Rainbow Sunset

This captivating photograph makes use of rainbow colors in enhancing the beauty of a sunset. Moreover, the silhouette also complements the vibrant shades in the sky. This image can be a great rainbow backrounds in computers.

Rainbow – MORE INFO


This is probably one striking art image that uses rainbow colors as the shades of a girl’s hair. Moreover, each color is played creatively in every aspect of the image.

Rainbow Fantasy – MORE INFO

Rainbow Fantasy

Originally, this image seems to convey a rainbow flame as seen in the middle of the picture. However, it is more artistically enhanced after it is added with a number of elements such as swirls of light and fairies, making it as a fantasy theme.

Rainbow – MORE INFO


Another artistic sketch uses the different shades of rainbow colors in the hair of the girl, as well as the other elements of the pictures. Some of the prominent colors include red, yellow, orange, blue, green, indigo and violet.

Rainbow Image – MORE INFO

Rainbow Image

This high definition photograph features fresh flowers with different shades of color that resembles the rainbow in the sky. This could be an eye catcher wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Rainbow Leaves – MORE INFO

Rainbow Leaves

This photograph features different shades of leaves that are common during fall. Although this image only focuses bright colors, it is still regarded as one great image for desktop wallpapers.

Rainbow Flair – MORE INFO

Rainbow Flair

Rainbow Flair offers a minimalist approach, featuring rainbow swirls on a dark background. Its elegance and classy appeal make it a great wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Vector Rainbow – MORE INFO

Vector Rainbow

A simple rainbow on a dark background is more emphasized with vectors and swirls which makes the image very stunning and eye catching. People can use it as a wallpaper for desktops and laptops.

Spring Colors Explosion 3 – MORE INFO

Spring Colors Explosion 3

This bright image features different colors splashed beautifully in a bright background, putting emphasis on the rainbow. Moreover, it also contains other elements that make the rainbow stands out among other elements in the picture. This is perfect for desktop and laptop wallpapers.

Rainbow Star – MORE INFO

Rainbow Star

This image focuses on a star in the middle of the image splashed with vibrant and bright colors and other elements under a dark background. This is a perfect desktop and laptop wallpaper.

Rainbow Veins – MORE INFO

Rainbow Veins

The combination of sketch art and digitally enhanced rainbow veins makes this high-resolution image a worthy photograph to set as a desktop and laptop wallpaper background.

Rainbow Clouds – MORE INFO

Rainbow Clouds

This breathtaking image of clouds in the atmosphere is more intensified as a bright rainbow embarks below the white stuffs. This is certainly a perfect wallpaper background for desktops.

Reflection – MORE INFO


Another breathtaking photograph takes a leap as it showcases different rainbow colors illuminating the bridges of metropolitan. People who look for night setting background wallpaper can use this great image.

Really Messy Window – MORE INFO

Really Messy Window

This abstract art features different kinds of vibrant color presented in a messy yet creative way, along with different elements that enhances the overall image. This makes a perfect wallpaper background for laptops and desktops.

Delightful Nature Image – MORE INFO

Delightful Nature Image

This is one breathtaking photograph of a cherry blossom tree standing tall on a vast plain with a nice rainbow behind it. This captivating scene can be utilized as a perfect desktop wallpaper.

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