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15+ WordPress Captcha Plugin Reviews

The internet offers many conveniences for users, which is one of the greatest things about the innovative achievement. However, the convenience being offered now comes with a price. For website owners and users alike, among these can be spammers that relentlessly dog their pages with useless junk and crowds out legitimate users.

If you are planning to do business in the internet, this is a problem that will prevent you from making any money. For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit therefore, this is something that cannot be tolerated and steps must be taken in order to address the issue at hand.

For sites that are being run by WordPress, there are a few viable solutions that would work. Among the more effective ones though are WordPress Captcha Plugin options which are very good at screening out the garbage from spammers from the real users. But in order to understand how WordPress Captcha Plugins can help and why they are necessary, perhaps a little back story is needed as to why spammers can annoy as they do.

With WordPress being one of the most convenient and easily accessible powers behind the creation of sites, there would naturally be the risk of some inconsiderate individuals abusing this aspect. Spamming for example, is a favorite among these abusers in that they create programs which would automatically seek out sites and bombard them with links or recommendations that are designed to divert people to their own pages.

This is a problem because many of these links contain viruses and when the users are inconvenienced, you could be blamed by virtue of association. WordPress Captcha Plugin measures are designed to prevent this from happening by making the job of these programs more difficult. Thus, the many WordPress Captcha Plugin variations have become necessary for the sake of business and for the protection of the users.

Sweet Captcha More Info

Sweet Captcha

As a WordPress Captcha Plugin, Sweet Captcha provides users access to the website through exercises that involve dragging corresponding items to the matching goal. It is simple, but nearly impossible for any bot to accomplish without human cognitive skills.

Captcha More Info


Often times, spamming occurs in the comments section, which is why WordPress Comment Captcha protection is needed. Captcha provides this through math based questions in order for you to gain access while blocking unwanted spam.

Boom Captcha More Info

Boom Captcha

WordPress Captcha Comments security insures that programs can’t access the comments sections. But the task can’t be too difficult or users won’t get in either. Boom Captcha solves this through simple texts for humans while encrypted code for programs.

Gab Captcha 2 More Info

Gab Captcha 2

If you like it easy, WP Captcha Gab Captcha 2 can do this by giving you a pretty simple task to access sites. You will be given words with emphasized texts and you simply have to type those in.

Conditional More Info


Conditional is a WordPress Captcha Plugin that requires a little more analysis. It is more challenging than others because the texts can be kind of convoluted but the security is tight.

Contact Form With Captcha More Info

Contact Form With Captcha

Contact forms are basic means of connecting users to sites they have visited. Contact Form With Captcha provides extra security with this by placing reCaptcha along with the form details.

FunCaptcha More Info


Tests don’t have to be irritating since they can be fun too. Verification is made fun by FunCaptcha through a game that is designed to make sure that you are human at the same time.

Solve Media More Info

Solve Media

As a means to earn money while verifying user authenticity at the same time, Solve Media present an inviting prospect since you get paid every time users input the simple texts.

IceCaptcha More Info


A WordPress Captcha Plugin that really offers challenge for programs is one with multiple layers of protection. IceCaptcha provides this through randomly appearing circles which user must click to gain access.

Captcha Code More Info

Captcha Code

Much like passwords, Captcha Code requires you to input secure codes into the box provided along with the form which programs have no hope of being able to replicate unless they grew eyes.

Visual Captcha More Info

Visual Captcha

As a more straightforward WordPress Captcha Plugin that involves images, all you have to do with Visual Captcha is drag the images that you are asked to drag to the spot where you are asked to drag them to.

Spam Captcha More Info

Spam Captcha

Easily customized, Spam Captcha offers plenty of adjustments that you can use in order set the Captcha to your preference and the preference of your target audience for maximum accessibility.

Invisible Captcha More Info

Invisible Captcha

What does this WordPress Captcha Plugin involve in terms of the participation of your users so that your site can be protected from spammers? Actually, it involves nothing as Invisible Captcha automatically protects you from the background.

PlayThru More Info


Fun and engaging, this WordPress Captcha Plugin does not even feel like a feature to verify your being a human since PlayThru can just as easily appear to be a bonus for users to have fun with.

NuCaptcha More Info


Possibly the most difficult WordPress Captcha Plugin to break for program bots are ones like NuCaptcha where the complexity of the test is in the code while users need only notice the obvious in order to input the correct texts.

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